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Setup Verification

After you have deployed Accurids (following the Installation with Docker OR Installation with Kubernetes instructions) it is recommended to verify if the setup was successful by going through the following list.

DNS and Proxy Configuration

Enter the URL where you expect the Accurids deployment into your browser and hit enter. You should see the welcome page without being signed in. If you see a blank page or a placeholder page by Nginx, the reverse proxy configuration (if used) may be incorrect. See Reverse Proxy Setup for more information. If you do not see any website at all, check if the DNS-configuration of your network points to the place where Accurids is running.


To check whether your Accurids license was configured correctly, refer to License Setup.

User Authentication

Depending on the configured authentication method, users can either sign up using their email-address (built-in security) or are managed in the OAuth2 application.

User Sign-Up and Sign-In With Built-In Security

If you use the built-in security of Accurids, click Sign-In (top right corner) and then Don't have an account? Sign up. Give your information including an email address. The first user to sign-up on a newly installed Accurids instance will be granted admin rights.

If you configured email confirmation, you should receive a confirmation email. If you expect an email and get none, check your spam filter or revise your Accurids email-config (see Installation). Please be aware that the Accurids instance should be able to reach the mail server via the network. If you receive an email, open the enclosed confirmation link. You should see a page informing you that the confirmation was successful. If not, please check that the computer you are using has network access to the Accurids instance.

After successful confirmation (if needed), try to sign-in with the selected credentials.

User Sign-In With OAuth2

Click the Sign-In button in the top right corner. You should be redirected to your OAuth2 provider sign-in page asking which account you want to use. Try to sign in with an account, that has been granted access to the application (as described in OAuth2 Setup). You should be redirected to the Accurids UI with the search view opened. If this is not the case, ensure that the app registration within your OAuth2 provider is correct and the user has been granted access to the application.

Datasets can be created by users with the roles admin and contributor, whilst the role user can only search the datasets.

Try creating a dataset following the process described at Dataset Management. You may try file upload or SPARQL as data sources depending on your needs. Afterwards, search for entities within the created dataset(s) as described in Search & Browse. If no entities are found, check the Dataset properties for loading errors.

Further Questions and Support

For questions about Accurids configuration and Setup, check the Admin Guide section of the public documentation. The User Guide section informs about the functionality from a user perspective. The search panel on the top of the page allows for full-text search of all available public documentation.

If you have further questions please contact us at