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Accurids has a GraphQL API, which you can use for programmatic access to resources. You can reach the API at [accurids.url]/graphql with [accurids.url] denoting the URL where Accurids is deployed.

An API key is used for authentication. This can be generated in the Accurids UI (see below). The full API specification is available to customers and included in the shipping documents.

How to Use the Accurids API

Generate API Key

Login as an admin to the Accurids UI and click on the avatar in the top right corner, then select settings. Under API keys enter a name and an expiration date for the API key to be created. Click create and copy the key to clipboard. After closing the page, the API key cannot be retrieved again. If needed, generate a new key. Old keys can be deleted to deactivate them before their expiry date is due.

Authentication of Requests

With every request you have to send the API key in the header as value for Apikey. Example:


Example Project

An examplary Java project using the Accurids API can be found under accurids-api-demo.