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Frequently Asked Questions

Accurids Demo Instance

I cannot login at

If you have registered already, try to reset your password. If this doesn't help, contact

Who can see the content I upload to

The data is visible to all registered users. Make sure you upload only public data or data that you are allowed to share. For details see Terms of Service.

How can I report bugs?

The demo installation has a build in feedback form that should be used for bug reporting.

My ACCURIDS Installation

How can I get Accurids if I don't have an Amazon account ID?

If you don't have an Amazon account ID we'll provide you an Accurids docker image as a file.

GxP Software Validation

Is Accurids a GxP validated software product?

No. ACCURIDS is a registry for reference and master data that contains, e.g., general business concepts, terms, codes and synonyms. As ACCURIDS does not contain or process GxP impacted data, the software does not require to be GxP validated. Note, that all ACCURIDS releases are properly tested and ACCURIDS also provides information to qualify an installation according to GxP rules.