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UI Customization

Various components of the Accurids user interface (UI) can be customized by eligible users. You can reach the customization by clicking on the gear icon in the sidebar on the left to reach the admin page and then selecting the tab CUSTOMIZATION.

You can change the logo which is displayed as part of the header at top left of the UI. Additionally, you can choose to set a banner title to be displayed next to the logo and corresponding colors.

General Color Scheme

You can set colors for the different aspects of the user interface such as the font, buttons, primary and secondary background, warnings etc.

Favicon & HTML Title

You can customize the browser tab with a favicon (mini logo in .ico format) and a title.

Home Screen

You can create a welcome page which is displayed after login and which can be reached by clicking on the banner logo. A rich text editor allows to create a nice page for your user group.

The display size and position of images can be configured by clicking on the image and then selecting from the context menu: